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Adjustable House Stumps & Piers

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StumpRite are fully certified Australian made adjustable house stumps & piers with the range including tops, top plates, bases, bracing systems & stair stringers – all manufactured locally from high quality hot dip galvanised steel.

Stumprite adjustable stumps - Levelmaster alternative

Stumprite Adjustable Steel Stumps Components & Prices

Stumprite Adjustable House Stumps / piers individual components are available to order online to suit your project requirements. Continue on to view all adjustable steel stump configuration options and pricing or call us on 1300 809 565 to speak with our expert team. 

Adjustable House Stumps Tops

Stumprite adjustable stump tops are available in 3 styles; screw on, weld on and retrofit, to suit SHS steel posts of 75mm, 89mm and 100mm. The addition of Stumprite adjustable stump tops to steel house stumps allows you to make highly accurate height adjustments with a selection of different top plates – ensuring a perfectly level finish. Our adjustable stumps / piers are available to buy online for delivery anywhere in Australia; including Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth & Adelaide in addition to regional centres such as Toowoomba, Newcastle and more.

  • adjustable house stumps - top connector

    Screw On Adjustable


    From $32.20 ex. GST

    SKU: SR-SO-XX Categories: ,
  • steel house stump - top weld on

    Weld On Adjustable


    From $27.60 ex. GST

    SKU: SR-WO-XX Categories: ,
  • Retro fit Steel Stumps Top

    Retro Fit Adjustable


    From $32.20 ex. GST

    SKU: SR-RET-XX Categories: ,

Adjustable House Stumps Top Plates

Our adjustable house stumps top plates are available in 6 configurations to suit all bearer configuration scenarios. These top plates screw into our StumpRite adjustable stump tops and act as an anchor point for you to bolt your timber or steel bearers after being adjusted to the required height using a large shifter.

  • steel stumps - top plate straight

    Straight Top


    $21.85 ex. GST
    SKU: SR-ST Categories: ,
  • Vertical steel stump top plate

    Vertical Top


    From $21.75 ex. GST

    SKU: SR-VST/SR-VLT/SR-VXLT Categories: ,
  • corner top plate for adjustable house stump

    Corner Top


    $21.85 ex. GST
    SKU: SR-CT Categories: ,
  • Tee top plate for adjustable house stump

    Tee Top


    $21.85 ex. GST
    SKU: SR-TT Categories: ,
  • Steel stump adjustable end top plate

    End Top


    $21.85 ex. GST
    SKU: SR-ET Categories: ,
  • large top plate for adjustable house stumps

    Straight Large Top


    $25.90 ex. GST
    SKU: SR-SLT Categories: ,

Adjustable House Stumps Bases

We offer 6 different types of adjustable house stump bases including bolt-in, concrete-in & screw in configurations. Made to suit 75mm, 89mm or 100mm posts, our bases provide flexible anchoring choices no matter what surface you’re working on.

  • adjustable stumps base plate 2 hole

    2 Hole Base Plate


    From $18.40 ex. GST

    SKU: SR-2HBP-XX Categories: ,
  • 4 hole base plate for adjustable house stumps

    4 Hole Base Plate

    SR- 4HBP - XX

    From $24.15 ex. GST

    SKU: SR- 4HBP - XX Categories: ,
  • Fin Plate


    $32.20 ex. GST
    SKU: SR-FP Categories: ,
  • Guy Wire Plate


    $109.25 ex. GST
    SKU: SR-GW Categories: ,
  • Tek Screw Base Plate


    From $29.90 ex. GST

    SKU: SR-TSBP-XX Categories: ,
  • Cast In Base Plate



    SKU: SR-CIB-XX Categories: ,

Adjustable House Stumps Bracing Systems

For stability, our adjustable house stumps bracing systems provide additional diagonal reinforcement and are easily bolted in below the StumpRite adjustable top.

  • Cross Bracing


    $87.40 ex. GST
    SKU: SR-BR Categories: ,

SHS Steel

  • SHS



    SKU: N/A Category:
  • Stair Stringers


    From $114.00 ex. GST

    SKU: S-STRING Categories: ,

The Benefits of Adjustable House Stumps & Piers

Building a house on stumps is most commonly required when constructing on uneven land – the stumps being spaced and set at differing heights to provide a level foundation upon which to build on. However, timber stumps will typically only last up to 20 years & brick / concrete stumps can become uneven as a result of natural ground movements overtime meaning you’ll be up for costly restumping.

Whether you’re building or restumping a house, installing a deck or any other type of elevated floor, or even installing a shipping container studio – adjustable house stumps (adjustable piers) provide a faster, easier to install stumping option compared to traditional concrete stumps, brick stumps or timber stumps.

The ability to adjust the height of your steel house stumps up to 120mm removes many of the headaches associated with achieving a perfectly level sub-floor for your structure – allowing you to precisely raise or lower any top plate independently to account for any small variations in post height once installed. It also means you can cut your SHS posts to an approximate size before installing rather than having to worry about being millimetre perfect.

Our adjustable stump tops are also available with a screw on configuration, removing the need for any onsite fabrication. In areas that require cyclone rated installations, our weld on tops provide a wind uplift compliant solution. 

Made from hot dipped galvanised steel, our adjustable house stumps tops, top plates and bases are also a much more durable stumping solution compared to concrete or timber so you’ll never have to worry about termites or concrete cancer undermining your foundations.

StumpRite adjustable steel stumps can also be retrofitted to an existing structure, providing there’s clear access, making them a popular choice for older style homes which require restumping / relevelling due to ground movements or deterioration of their existing timber or concrete stumps. StumpRite can also be used when raising an existing house. We recommend you check your local house stump regulations for details relating to any potential building approvals required. 

Ideal for sloping blocks or flood prone areas, adjustable stumps & piers can be configured to suit all types of structures and will maintain a perfectly level finish for years to come. Once installed, Stumprite adjustable house stumps can also be raised or lowered over time where ground movement is prevalent – making them a future proof house stumping solution. 

Buy Stumprite Adjustable Stumps Online

StumpRite components are only available to order directly from BMSA Footing Solutions meaning you won’t find them in retailers like Bunnings. Order your adjustable house stumps online now for delivery Australia wide – Got questions? Feel free to get in touch with the BMSA Footing Solutions team today and we’ll happily assist you with all your adjustable house piers questions.

What Our Clients Say

From Wayne putting up with my constant quote changes like a gentleman, and then the install boys went over and above to make sure the setup was perfect couldn’t say enough good things about the team. The product itself is, in person, very minimalist and incredibly strong and well made. I would certainly do as i did and pay for installation again in future, as the end result was certainly far above what the average joe is going to achieve. The team has likely thousands of feet installs under their belt, and your paying for that experience and a fantastic end result; it was an odd occasion where the install fee at the end of the day felt very well spent. Will be using the team again for my next section, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to others.

Frequently Asked Questions

We deliver our range of Stumprite adjustable house stump top plates, connectors, bases, bracing and SHS material Australia wide with fast delivery available to Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne Adelaide & Perth. Get in touch with us via our contact form and we’ll happily advise on an estimated delivery timeframe.

Stumprite base plates can be secured by bolting them into a suitable material, cast in with concrete or in conjunction with the Surefoot concrete free footing system.

When installed using the weld on top plate, Stumprite is compliant with cyclone wind uplift ratings.

Yes, adjustable house stumps can be used to replace traditional timber stumps by a qualified house re-stumping provider. 

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