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Certified Engineered Adjustable House Stumps & Footing Systems.

BMSA Footing Solutions is a family owned and run company based in South East Queensland. As part of the BMSA Group we are specialised in manufacture of StumpRite adjustable house stumps, connectors, stair stringers and supply, as well as installation, of a comprehensive range of RapidStump Concrete Free Footings for houses, decks and more.

RapidStump BMSA

Solutions for your anchoring & footing requirements.

StumpRite Adjustable House Stumps

Tops, Connectors & Stair Stringers

StumpRite adjustable stumps will save you time and money when building or restumping your home, deck or other elevated structure. All StumpRite connectors, bases and tops are fully hot dip galvanised steel – with the additional Zinc coating increasing their durability and life span. The range of tops will suit most bearer arrangements. Adjustable house stumps, also known as adjustable floor stumps, adjustable piers, or metal house stumps, allow you to achieve a perfectly level finish in a wide variety of footing installation scenarios – with the added benefit of remaining adjustable over time. Installation of Stumprite is faster & easier compared to timber or concrete stumps with superior durability & strength.  


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