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Design Life Statement 8.10 Surefoot footings are designed and engineered to comply with the requirements of AS/NZ 1170.0 Structural Design actions – General principles. The “design life” for normal structures is 50 years, unless otherwise notified. In some circumstances we can design for a greater or lesser period depending upon the importance level and design events. When design and certification is undertaken by Surefoot, factors taken into consideration include applied structural loading to the footing, geo-technical data, capacity of the soil, corrosion factor, wind and terrain rating categories etc. Foundation design and certification is provided by a registered engineering practitioner. A condition of certification is that a pile log is provided to the certifying engineer by the installer / consumer for each footing installed. Duration of the period which the Surefoot footing is designed, is assumed to perform for its intended purpose with expected maintenance. Please refer to CSIRO document Foundation Maintenance and Footing Performance consumer guide BTF18.

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